Finding the perfect vodka, lemon, lime and bitters

I was first introduced to the non alcoholic version of this summer drink on a first date in a small café in Melbourne. Tiny, yet intimate, Rue Bebelons is on little Longsdale street and is a gorgeous place …

Now to create this concoction you will need;


  • Zillions of fresh lime and lemons
  • Ice cubes
  • Lime cordial
  • lemonade/soda water
  • Angostura bitter
  • Vodka (optional)


  • Take a chilled tall glass, add ice up to half way
  • Pour the Angostura bitter in between the sides of the glass and the ice, making a full circle
  • Slice thick wedges of lime and lemon
  • Squeeze the juices of both in the glass on top of the ice – (one whole lemon and lime per glass)
  • Add a shot of vodka (optional)
  • Pour a shot of lime cordial in the glass
  • Fill the rest of the glass up with either lemonade or soda water
  • Pop a couple of slices of lemon and lemon in the glass
  • Add a straw. …and sip away

World Wanderers…

29, female and travelling solo, many of us now have the get up and go attitude and it is so inspirational to have that kind of company along the way…

In this blog, I would like to share travel tips as well as reccommend budget yet tasty eateries, bargains and review fab places that I think you would enjoy too…

Feel free to write feedback, ask questions, sumbit your own travel advice and send the link to friends who might appreciate similar suggestions.

Coming up, in April, I will be going overland through the Northern Territory (NT), Australia’s outback, where time began, from Adelaide to Darwin but first over the next few months I will enjoy sharing Melbourne life and all that comes with it with you. :0)